Beer Equipment
E-store Promotion

Beverage Craft is an online retail store selling draft beer equipment and accessories. Although they had already developed an e-commerce website and made a few attempts at promoting it, the results were quite modest. Money was being spent, but sales were not growing.

In July 2019, we took on the project and started our professional relationship with BeverageCraft Equipment Inc.


  • Increase online sales 2x within 6 months.
  • Increase the popularity of an online beer equipment store.


  • UI/UX audit of the website. Preparing a statement of work for the client's in-house development team aimed at improving the website.
  • Setting up a tracking system to monitor site visitor behaviour and analyze the results of future experiments.
  • Coming up with an omnichannel digital strategy:
    SEO - working with long-tail keywords, technical optimization of the client’s website and Google My Business account adjustments;
    PPC (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram) - shopping and search ads campaigns, dynamic remarketing;
    Content marketing - updating the website content and optimizing it for better search engine visibility, research and posting useful content (blogs) to stimulate sales;
    ​Email marketing - putting together mailing lists and sending regular newsletters.
  • Constant experimenting, analyzing user behaviour and improving the e-shop to increase the conversion rate. 
  • Close collaboration with the client (bi-weekly meetings and brainstorming).

Beer Equipment E-store Promotion


  • 3x increase in monthly sales.
  • Brand awareness 2x (according to branded and direct traffic growth).
  • The targeted audience of the website increased 9x.

It is an ongoing project. We keep adding new improvements and continue our creative experiments.